Three suspected bandits were killed moments ago during a confrontation with police ranks at Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice. One of the dead bandits has been identified as Kelvin Shivgobin of Belvedere, who was wanted for the murder of two brothers in 2018. The siblings were shot during a robbery at their Berbice home.

Shivgobin’s two accomplices have not been identified as yet. Police sources indicate that the men were gunned down during a confrontation this afternoon.

Details of the shooting are sketchy at this point. However, this news agency has been informed that a team of policemen was sent to Berbice from Georgetown two weeks ago after the reported cases of robberies spiraled out of control.

In one week, four families in that division were robbed at gunpoint. A police source said that Shivgobin was among one of the persons fingered in the robberies.

The latest robbery happened last night in Mibicuri, South Black Bush Polder where a 44-year-old single parent and her 11-year-old son were beaten and robbed by three bandits.

Indrawattie Dhanraj said the men broke into her home with a crowbar and brutally beat her as they demanded cash and jewellery. It is unclear if police ranks were following up leads on Dhanraj’s case this afternoon when the confrontation happened between the three men.

More details will follow shortly.


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