The University of Guyana (UG) Press recently released the first six editions of The Renaissance Papers, its online occasional paper.

The first one, “Petroleum and Climate Change in Guyana’s Future” by Professor Jay R Mandle, W. Bradford Wiley Professor of Economics Emeritus at Colgate University in New York, was delivered at the inaugural CY Thomas Distinguished Lecture, while the second, “Whither Guyana’s Public Sector Reform? Towards A Game Changing Economic Sector” is authored by Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Scott, and was his Professorial Lecture.

The link between science and agriculture is the subject of the third Renaissance Paper, which is called “Uses of Soil Microorganism”. It was written by Professor Gomathinayagam Subramanian, Director of the UG Berbice Campus.

“Engineering and Entrepreneurship” is the title of the fourth paper, which was the keynote address delivered by leading engineer-entrepreneur Mr Charles Ceres at the inaugural UG Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference.

Former UWI Chancellor and PAHO Director, Sir George Alleyne, wrote, “The Multiversity Universities of the Caribbean.” It was delivered as part of UG’s Renaissance Lecture series in September 2017. The final paper also originally, was delivered in that lecture series. It is written by Mr Ian Randle, Chairman of the Board of the Jamaica-based Ian Randle Publishers and is called “The Publishing Pillar of The Renaissance Bridge”.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Griffith calls the publication of The Renaissance Papers “a noteworthy step in the journey along the road to strengthen research, scholarship, and publishing at our University.” He added, “I applaud the authors of the first Papers and commend their writings to members of the academic and broader communities. They add a rich stock of knowledge to things that are important to our university and our nation”.

The UG Press Editorial Board, which is chaired by Professor George (Ken) Danns of The University of North Georgia, views The Renaissance Papers as an important part of its mission, which includes publishing books, journals and creative expressions, and making them accessible to academics, civil societies, the diaspora, and online communities. The Renaissance Papers will be published occasionally, and only electronically.

Additionally, the Papers will be linked to some of UG’s public intellectual engagements, in that works under the Renaissance Lecture series, the Conversations on Law and Society series, the Yesu Persaud Lectures and the distinguished lectures honouring Professor Clive Y. Thomas, Professor Sister Noel Menezes, and Dr Neville Trotz will be presented as Renaissance Papers.

The Renaissance Papers are available for free download at:



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