In an effort to respond to societal issues such as crime, drugs, bullying, and violence, School of the Nations will be introducing a free year-long youth leadership programme called “Youth Can Move the World” (YCMTW).

In a press release issued today by the school’s Director, Brian O’Toole, it was revealed that the programme will cater to persons of all backgrounds between the ages of 15 and 30. The programme will take place at School of the Nations.

“YCMTW will focus on the following social issues: cyber-bullying, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, literacy, sexual health and gender equity,” the release said. It continued, “Instead of giving lectures, we will use the arts: drama, dance, art, poetry, songs etc, to communicate these messages. The third key element of the programme will be the study of the Ruhi materials that look at personal and community transformation. The training sessions will be offered at Nations over weekends and during the summer holidays. If the demand is there we will also look at introducing the training in other locations outside of Georgetown.”

Furthermore, the YCMTW programme is being offered in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Cohesion and the Ministry of Education. Part of the programme will include an Arts Festival in which competitions will be organised in the areas of music, photography, video, dance, etcetera. Hand in Hand Insurance Company and Republic Bank have provided impressive trophies for the competitions, the school said.

It was further shared that there is no charge for the training and a certificate will be awarded at the end of the year. The first training is on Saturday 15th June at 1 PM. For further information, interested persons can email [email protected] or call Louisa Mancey at 227-4623.


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