According to PPP’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali, the last four years for Guyanese have been nothing but hardship. But yesterday at the Enmore Martyrs 71st death anniversary commemoration held at Robert Square, Enmore, Ali said that the PPP has a strategy that will not only create 50,000 new jobs but will also slash electricity costs and remove 200 burdensome taxes which were introduced by the coalition administration.

Ali said that the PPP’s strategy will also look to improve the living conditions for workers, reorganise the primary healthcare system, and examine new areas for growth while courting investments and developing strategic policies.

The Presidential Candidate said that the PPP is interested in representing the rights of all Guyanese and when it speaks, it speaks for all, regardless of their race or political persuasion.

“This is the only way we can take this country forward and build a Guyana that is truly free, a Guyana where we trust each other…But the struggle of the Enmore Martyrs continues in a different form today where an independent Guyana has a dictatorial government that seems interested in unleashing only hardship on the people of this country,” Ali stated.

The former minister also pointed out the declining performance of sectors such as forestry, bauxite, and mining. He said that a conservative estimate would show that more than 7,000 workers in the mining sector would have lost their jobs in the last four years too.

On this premise, Ali said that the pain of workers in Guyana runs deep. He said that the PPP understands this pain and its strategy is guaranteed to return hope to all Guyanese. A confident Ali stated that very shortly, the PPP will be returned to office and will show the APNU+AFC party what is meant by governing in the interest of all.

Ali said that no government can ever be successful if it believes that its only responsibility is to a few in the management structure of the party.


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