If the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rules on Tuesday that the controversial No-Confidence Motion was validly passed on December 21, last, the members of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will put on their marching boots and pressure the APNU+AFC administration for early elections. This was noted by PPP General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo at the 71st Enmore Martyrs’ death anniversary.

Jagdeo told hundreds in attendance that the only way to fix the issues affecting Guyana is to remove the APNU+AFC from office. He opined that the CCJ’s ruling will decide how quickly the PPP will be able to do this.

The Opposition Leader said, “If it is in our favour, we have to go back to the streets and get the international community to put pressure on them and ensure they hold early elections. We have to ensure they don’t use the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) as an excuse because they are scared of elections. They have been on the ground and even in their stronghold, they are getting strong rejection. They are hearing what we are hearing which is that the people are fed up with them.”

Jagdeo noted however that if the CCJ does not rule in its favour, “which would be perverse,” then it would be no issue for the PPP, except that the country would have to wait until next year for elections.

Regardless of the ruling, Jagdeo posited that the PPP is a strong, seasoned party and is ready for anything that comes its way.

The Opposition Leader concluded, “Anything can happen in this life, but we will be strong and just as ready.”


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