The APNU+AFC Government is not allowing the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to hinder its plans for Budget 2020.

Three days after the CCJ ruled that the Bharrat Jagdeo-sponsored no-confidence motion against the government was validly passed on December 21, 2018, Finance Secretary Michael Joseph sent out the 2020 Budget Circular. The circular was sent to all heads of budget agencies.

Finance Secretary Michael B. Joseph

The document outlines the responsibilities of the budget agencies and the budget preparation timetable. It also gives guidelines for preparation for budget execution.

There is a section indicating the policy on the purchasing of vehicles. It states that all vehicles to be purchased by the respective budget agencies must be brand new.

The Budget Circular also includes guidelines for expenditure as well as a performance statement.

On June 18, the CCJ, in several unprecedented rulings, declared that the No-Confidence Motion was properly passed against Government on December 21, 2018, having acquired a majority of 33 votes of the 65 members in the National Assembly.

The CCJ rubbished Government’s contention that 34 votes — or in other words, “an absolute majority” — was needed for the motion to be successfully passed. The CCJ determined that since the National Assembly comprised an odd number of 65 persons, “When all the members of the National Assembly are present and vote, all that is necessary is clearly, in the court’s view, at least 33 votes.”


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