Popular make-up artiste, Lolita Callendar called “Lola” was today found guilty of falsifying her HIV test in the British Virgin Islands and sentenced to six months in jail.

In court today, her lawyer, Stephen Daniels made a no case submission but it was thrown out by the presiding Magistrate.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that six witnesses, including staff at a clinic where Callendar tried to falsify her HIV status, gave evidence against her.

According to information received, in April last, the woman had a male take an HIV test under the name “Lolita Callendar.”

When the individual went to collect the results, he was in the company of the actual Lolita Callendar. At this point, the duo, upon collecting the results, informed the staff that they needed the “Male” to be replaced with “Female.”

This caused the staffers at the medical institute to call in the police where the local beautician was arrested. The male is still on the run.


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