A taxi driver who was found dead in the lockups of the Suddie Police Station on Monday might have been strangled.

A post mortem examination showed that Lallbachan Bachan suffocated after he suffered a fractured larynx. The larynx is another name for the voice box. It sits above the windpipe (trachea) in the neck and in front of the food pipe.

According to a Google search, a fractured larynx could be caused by blunt trauma to the neck from motor vehicle accidents, sports-related trauma, assault and strangulation.

Police ranks in G Division have claimed that the 39-year-old taxi driver died when he fell in the lockups. But, a senior police official said this is not likely to happen and believed that the victim was strangled. The Guyana Standard has been informed that when the victim’s body was discovered, there was blood on his face.

According to information received, Bachan was arrested last month after he was caught driving under the influence. He was released on bail but failed to make three court appearances, resulting in an arrest warrant being sent out for him.

Bachan was apprehended and according to his relatives, the arresting rank offered to “make things go away” if he paid him (the cop) $100,000. This news agency has been informed that Bachan could not afford to pay the cash, resulting in his arrest.

His relatives are demanding justice and asked that the police do a thorough investigation.


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