One of the leading providers for logistical solutions across the Caribbean and Latin American Region, Ramps Logistics, is going above and beyond to ensure Guyanese are equipped with the relevant skills to take charge of its oil and gas sector. In fact, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the firm, Shaun Rampersad, recently revealed to Guyana Standard that 12 Guyanese, six of whom are women, are being trained in several offshore related activities due to a partnership that was sparked with USA oil giant ExxonMobil and he is now calling for more stakeholders to get onboard.

The official said that the operator was approached with the idea and was supportive of it. In fact, it has sponsored most of the costs to train the said Guyanese, Rampersad said. He also shared that the 12 locals have spent two months in Trinidad and Tobago, two months at the shore base here, and then two more months on a rig. At the end of six months period, the Trinidadian said that the young Guyanese would have the requisite skills to participate in the oil sector.

The COO noted that the partnership was also made possible through collaborations with technical institutions as well as the University of Guyana.

He said, “So that is what you need, the oil companies partnering with the service providers and then with UG and other institutes…That’s how you are able grow the society that will be able to meaningfully participate in the sector.”

Rampersad said that this is the type of investment he intends to continue in the next five years. At the moment, the Ramps Logistics Executive noted that its top management is Guyanese. He said that they have been able to do this by identifying persons annually who exhibit a raw talent to excel. They are then sent to Ramps’ overseas branches where they are mentored on addressing industry related issues from a global perspective.

Rampersad said that other investors should consider adopting this type of approach.


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