Eric Phillips, who served as Special Assistant to the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA), has resigned following reports of conflict of interest.

His decision to resign, he says, is the best solution for both SARA, himself, and the country.

Phillips’ resignation follows revelations made by a local newspaper, in which his purported interests in the oil sector was highlighted. The situation was further exacerbated when it was announced that SARA was at the time investigating the award of oil blocks.

In an email disseminated to the media earlier today, he noted that his resignation will “protect the investigation”, which, he asserted, “many want to stop.”

Phillips said also that him giving up the position will allow the asset recovery agency to address the possible leaking of information regarding the issuance of oil blocks.

The former official further stated that his departure will allow the media to focus on other pressing matters facing the nation such as the upcoming elections. “Personal threats” he said, may also be diminished.

Phillips also took a jab at the local media fraternity, opining there was “much creative journalism” in this matter.

“The fact of the matter is that I was not actively involved in ABR Oil & Gas since 2016 but I was President of the African Business Roundtable until 2018. The African Business Roundtable is a business service organisation similar to the Private Sector Commission or the Guyana Manufacturers Association or the Chinese Business Association.

The ABR Oil & Gas is a separate entity which applied, like many other groups, for one of the remaining blocks in 2016. I was not involved in the application process as there was a separate Management Team responsible for that company,” he wrote in his missive.


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