The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) record-keeping capabilities have received a boost now that the force is becoming more in-touch with technological advancements in the area of law enforcement.

Earlier today, the Police Records Management Information System (PRMIS) was launched. This new programme is expected to ensure effectual record-keeping, thereby guaranteeing much-needed information is readily available to officers as they carry out their daily duties.

PRMIS is a regional project under CariSECURE, an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). CariSECURE is a regional project which seeks to strengthen evidence-based decision making for citizens in the Region.

Earlier today, as he delivered the feature address at the official launch, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan lauded the programme and acknowledged that this development will positively impact the GPF.

“It is an evidence-based approach that will vastly help regional and national institutions in that regard, so literally…what we are talking about here today is vital in the fight against violent crimes,” he stated.

Minister Ramjattan further said the Government of Guyana fully endorsed the programme. He added, “Guyana is not the only country… there are nine other countries which are involved in this security data development.”

He reminded that in 2017, the administration appointed a national CariSECURE Task Force for the implementation of this data-driven process.

PRMIS will be implemented for a 6-month trial period at the Alberttown and Fort Wellington Police Stations before being implemented at other police stations across the country.

In the meantime, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Government Mark Cullinane, who spoke on behalf of the US Ambassador, said as criminals become savvier with the growing use of information technology, so must law enforcement.

“It is therefore imperative that law enforcement officials also make clever use of technology to optimise their work in stopping the illegal activities that cost this country, others in the region, and its people so much.”

The Deputy Chief of Mission related that the US government was very pleased to partner with the Government of Guyana on the CariSECURE Project.


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