The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Guyana, has registered its support, along with the diplomatic community, civil society, and other private sector organisations, for the strict adherence to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling on July 12, 2019.

In maintaining Guyana’s democratic status, AmCham is urging all political actors to comply with the CCJ ruling in an effort to bring an early resolution to the consequential orders in keeping with the Constitution of Guyana.  

The Chamber anticipates that this process will be expeditious and mirrors democratic customs as was explicitly clear in the ruling of the court as mandated by the relevant provisions of Guyana’s Constitution, which in effect ensures the maintenance of the rule of law which is critical for continued investor confidence in Guyana.

AmCham also notes the obligations of the President of Guyana, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Guyana Elections Commission to act with integrity and statesmanship in upholding the constitution and rule of law. It is an opportune time for goodwill to prevail to unite all the people of Guyana towards a sustainable and economically prosperous Guyana.


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