Since Mobile Money Guyana (MMG), the country’s first mobile financial service, was introduced in 2013, it has positively influenced how bills are paid, credit is purchased, and how money is sent and received. However, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, which offers this service, will be making further improvements: the company has announced that from August 1 paying bills with MMG will be free.

According to the company in a statement issued today, the MMG team is constantly engaged and exploring new ways to introduce additional benefits for customers. It is this that has led to its latest development.

From August 1, the company said, “paying your bills with MMG will be absolutely free.”

“Until now, when using Mobile Money to pay bills, you paid a service charge. No more will you have to pay a fee to pay bills; once you are subscribed to MMG, you save,” the statement assured.

It went on to add that “Free means no hidden charges or other requirements, and more money in your wallet. Free means that MMG is leading the way when it comes to convenience and affordability in paying your bills.”

Mobile Money has been touted as remarkable from its inception. Cashless transactions are the future and Mobile Money is said to be safer than money in your pockets, wallet, purse, or handbag.

“If you lose your phone, you will not lose the money you have in your account because it is protected by your personal PIN. There are no requirements for a minimum balance plus no monthly or yearly fees. You can do your transactions at any time of the day from anywhere,” GTT has informed.

Registration is free and the process is simple. Once you have a mobile phone, a valid photo ID, and proof of address you can register at any GTT store, MMG agent or online at

According to Elrick Chapman, the customer management lead for MMG, “cashless transactions are great for moving our country forward. It puts us on a par with the rest of the world. Part of our mission is to remove complexities wherever they exist so that we are easy to do business.”

The MMG team, the statement added, “hopes that new and existing customers will be encouraged to continue utilising the service, and enjoy all the benefits including free bill payment.”


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