Even if the move to stop the ongoing house-to-house registration receives the blessings of the High Court, there are other legal avenues that can be taken. Hinting at the possibility that the matter can be taken to higher courts was Finance Minister Winston Jordan at a Peoples’ National Congress Reform (PNCR) news conference held at Congress Place, Sophia this morning.

The Minister made this known after he was asked by the media whether the government will accept the ruling of the High Court if the conservatory order requested by chartered accountant and political commentator Christopher Ram is granted.

Jordan responded in the affirmative but soon after emphasised that there should be an appreciation that the buck does not stop at the High Court.

“We are a law-abiding party [and] all the parties in the coalition are law-abiding. If the court issues a conservatory order, or whatever order, we are on record, our president is on record up to yesterday saying he will obey any and all instructions of the court.

Having said that, you must appreciate: if one court rules, there’s another court and then there is a final court…When the final court rules, there is no other court and so we have to respect the rulings. Either party can take the next step until they reach the final court.” The minister said.

Earlier this week, an unsuccessful attempt was made to stop the process. Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire refused to grant an application by Ram, who had approached the court seeking a Conservatory Order prohibiting the election body’s registration exercise.

The argument was that the ongoing process will surpass the September 18 elections deadline. According to previous reports, the Chief Justice requested more evidence to persuade her that the exercise will go past that date.


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