Just days after a detective was forced to quit the Guyana Police Force amid reports that he planted drugs in a couple’s yard at Reliance, East Canje, there has been some startling revelations.

Constable Richard Persaud resigned last week after spending close to four days under close arrest. This is after the Berbice couple claimed that surveillance footage showed him planting the drugs.

Persaud is the rank who was accused by Crime Chief, Lyndon Alves of being the individual who leaked information about him, resulting in his suspension.

It is believed that the Senior cop used his links to frame Persaud.

On the day the report was made, the Detective was immediately arrested even as he informed his superiors that it was not him who found the drugs but rather, a uniformed rank who accompanied him to the couple’s home to uplift some documents.

Even with this information, that uniformed rank was never questioned and he remained on the job while Persaud was thrown into the lockups.

Now, a surveillance footage is making the rounds online and it clearly showed the detective standing next to the woman while the uniformed rank walked to the side of the house and then returned with a black bag.

The couple has refused to share footage from the side of the house. They claimed that the camera at that particular spot does not work.

Questions are now being asked as to how ranks conducted their probe which saw them dumping one of their colleagues into the lockups.

Persaud served the force for some eight years.


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