Cambridge University on Tuesday released the results of its 2019 IGCSE and A Level exams results for more than one million students from 136 countries worldwide. Among them were 58 students of School of the Nations who wrote the IGCSE exams, including seven Form 4 students who wrote Mathematics. The overall pass rate was 86% and, according to information released by the school, almost one-third of every exam written in the 5th Form earned either a distinction, an A or B.

Among the outstanding performers at the IGCSE exams are Jae Anya Amsterdam with two distinctions, six As, and one B; Aliah Mohamed with three As, four Bs, and one C; Leianna Chung with one distinction, one A, and five Bs; Nekeshia Clementson with two As and six Bs; and Raven Dos Santos with one distinction, three Bs, and three Cs.

It was revealed that the school secured 100% passes in Additional Mathematics, Environmental Management, Spanish, and English Literature. The pass rate for Biology was 96%, English 96%, Chemistry 95%, ICT 92%, and Mathematics 90%.

In the 6th Form, 13 subjects were offered. In the first year of 6th Form, students sit the AS exam. A total of 265 exams were sat at the AS Level. There were 100% passes in Environmental Management, 93% passes in Sociology, 88% passes in Business, 78% passes in History, and 75% passes in Psychology.

The top achievers in the first year of 6th Form were Sachin Ramroop with A in Accounting, A in Business, A in Economics and C in Mathematics; Eleesha Sanasie with an A in Business, A in Law, and B in Psychology; Puran Subramanie with an A in Chemistry, A in Physics, and B in Mathematics; Shania Smith with an A in Mathematics, B in Biology, B in Chemistry, and B in Physics; Mikayla De Freitas with an A in Psychology, B in English Language, and C in Biology; Joy Craigen with an A in Business, B in Sociology, and C in Law; Bibi Sharisa Khan with an A in Business, C in Law and C in Psychology; Shanice Howard with an A in Law, C in Psychology, and C in Sociology; Haima Dasrath with an A in Law and A in Psychology; Annalisa Majid with an A in Business and B in Psychology; Rebecca Farina Persaud with an A in Law and B in Sociology; and Maria Muniram with an A in Law and C in Psychology.

In the second year of 6th Form, the students sit the Advanced Levels. One hundred and sixty five exams were sat at the A Level. There were 93% passes in Sociology and in Mathematics, 88% passes in Psychology, and 73% passes in Business. The top achievers in the 6th Form were Brian Jagmohan – AICE Diploma (Distinction) – 1A distinction and 3 Bs; Keshini Digamber – 1 A distinction and 2 As; Stephen Lewis – 3 As; Shreveda Tewari – 1 A distinction, 1 A and 1 B; Samita Paul – 1 A, 1 B, and 1 C; Ying Yang Zhong – 4 Bs; and Aliyah Hassan – 3 Bs.


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