The police have charged Kissoondai Narine called “Cow Mouth” for being an accessory after the fact of a robbery under arms where an elderly Paradise, Essequibo Coast couple was robbed by her nephew on August 16, last.

It is alleged that on August 16, last, Narine collected stolen cash from her nephew, 24-year-old Deodat Samsundar, called “Pig,” after he had reportedly robbed the elderly couple of an undisclosed sum of cash.

The woman, who is also related to the couple who had been robbed, has since refused to hand over the money to the cops.

She appeared before Magistrate Esther Sam at the Anna Regina Magistrate Court on Wednesday and was placed on $300,000 bail. Narine pleaded not guilty to the charge and will return to court on September 04, 2019.

Meanwhile, Deodat Samsundar was charged with robbery under arms and placed on $1.5M bail.

On August 16, last, Samsundar was caught on surveillance footage entering and leaving the elderly  couple’s home after he had robbed the duo of an undisclosed sum of cash.

During the robbery, it is alleged that he attempted to hit the 70-year-old man in the head with a hammer. The suspect’s wife later identified a slipper that he had left at the crime scene and revealed to cops that she had cut the holes in the toque he used.


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