Monday’s accident which has caused the Demerara Harbour Bridge to be temporarily out of commission has been widely impacting, so much so that even the regular garbage collections have been disrupted. This is according to information coming out of the City Council. 

Based on information released by the Council, the situation has affected groups of Two and 10 which include the city’s business district.

The main contributing factor is that one of the main waste disposal contractors, Puran Brothers Contractors Company, is based in Region Three and without access to the Demerara Harbour Bridge, this waste disposal company is unable to render its services to the City Council. 

The accident which occurred in the wee hours of Monday morning was caused by a tug and barged which had drifted away and aided by high tide slammed into a section of the bridge causing it to dangerously shift out of alignment.

Even as commuters and motorists struggle to make use of the speed boat service, the City Council will have to consider other alternatives to restore regular garbage collection in the city.  In this regard, the Solid Waste Management Department of the Council has been called upon to engage an emergency collection system to bring about fast waste disposal relief.

At this time the Council, said that it is seeking the full cooperation of all of its citizens to avoid indiscriminate disposal of waste and to exercise patience as its addresses this issue. 




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