The Demerara Harbor Bridge (DHB) has been reopened to vehicular traffic.

According to an official at the bridge, the link was reopened at 2 pm,  much earlier than the 6 pm timeline that was previously projected.

According to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, all structural repairs were completed by 11:30 am today with the remaining works on alignment continuing.
Yesterday, Patterson told the media that crew members of the tugboat and barge, who are believed to be Panamanians, were in police custody providing statements.

He said too, that based on the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD)’s preliminary report, the vessel was not manned “properly”. Also, the call for help came too late.
The minister said that the vessel and its cargo were drifting all the way from the Grove/Diamond area and the crew had ample time to notify personnel in Georgetown, however, this was not done until it was too late. He further stated that when the distressed call was received by the lighthouse, the officials could not understand what was being said, since the crew could not speak English.

The word “mayday” was recognized, however, and this initiated a process where the Harbour Master was notified, who subsequently contacted a tugboat owner to render assistance to the distressed vessel. Unfortunately, by the time assistance could be rendered, contact was already made.

General Manager (GM) of the bridge company, said that the barge was carrying a “gravel-like” material, supposedly bauxite.

When the “A” Divisional Commander, Marlon Chapman was contacted today to provide information on the tugboat crew, he told the Guyana Standard that he was the “wrong man to speak to”. Quizzed on whether in fact he was the commander responsible for the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred, he reiterated his response.

Efforts to contact the head of the MARAD, and the Police Public  Relations Officer (PRO) were proven futile.



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