Corruption has devastating effects on the integrity of any organization. In the case of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), which is relied on as the government’s primary source of revenue to support social and infrastructural agendas, internal corruption can compromise significantly, the collection of revenue as well as tax compliance. It can even serve to reduce the public’s confidence in the authority.

In acknowledgement of how damaging internal, as well as other forms of corruption, is to the organization’s tax administration agenda, GRA has committed to continuously strengthening its anti-corruption programme. In fact, it has outlined specific measures as part of this strategic plan.

Guyana Standard was informed by the authority that it would be implementing a new GRA Code of Conduct which will be followed by a comprehensive outreach programme to engage employees and civil society in preventing corrupt activities. The tax authority noted that partnerships with the public are important in gaining support in deterring and reporting corrupt activity.

In addition to this, GRA said that it will continue to place emphasis on conducting investigations of any employee misconduct and ensuring appropriate disciplinary actions are taken. It said that those actions include seeking criminal prosecution for serious criminal misconduct, such as bribery.

Another aspect of its anti-corruption plan speaks to anti-money laundering. This news agency understands that the Anti -Money Laundering and Countering Financing Terrorism (AML/CFT) legislation requires the revenue authority to exercise a supervisory function with respect to reporting entities such as Money lenders, Car dealers, Car parts dealers and Real Estate Agents. In the next three years, the entity intends to strengthen its supervisory function and role within the AML framework.

The revenue authority articulated that these measures will no doubt serve to improve tax payer confidence as well as the integrity of the agency.


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