A man was today sentenced to three years imprisonment after being found guilty of robbing a couple of their valuables while they were on the Kingston Seawall.

The sentence was moments ago handed down by City Magistrate Rondel Weever.

Seon Ray, 20, of Sussex Street, Campbellville was on trial in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Courts.

The first charge stated that on June 15, 2019, at Kingston, Georgetown, while being in company of another, he robbed Terrel Chu of two phones valued $100,000, a haversack valued $10,000, and a bottle of perfume valued $15,000.

It was further alleged that on the same day and at the same location, Ray robbed Inshan Singh of a haversack valued $25,000, a phone valued $35,000, and a chain valued $30,000.

Ray had denied both charges after they were read to him on his first court appearance.

Facts presented by the court prosecutor stated that on the day in question, the victims, who are in a relationship, were having lunch near the construction site of Pegasus, facing the ocean.

The court heard that Ray approached the victims from behind and told them to hand over their valuables or he would shoot them.

Chu and Singh, being fearful for their lives, handed over the articles mentioned in the charge. Ray then ran away from the scene.

An alarm was raised and police ranks, who were patrolling the area, responded promptly and arrested the defendant. A search was then conducted and the stolen articles were found in his possession.

Hence, he was taken into custody where an identification parade was conducted and he was positively identified as the robber.

Magistrate Weever sentenced Ray to three years jail on each count but ordered that the sentences run concurrently which means he will only serve three years behind bars.


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