As Education Month is being observed, plans have been announced for the establishment of a special needs school in Bartica, Region Seven. 

Bids for the School were offered at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) attracting an engineer’s estimate of $25.9M.

The school will be the first such institution to cater to students in hinterland areas.

This move is said to be the demonstration of government’s commitment to providing equitable and inclusive education across Guyana.  The Ministry of Education, in its mandate, aims to eliminate illiteracy, modernise education and strengthen tolerance.

Speaking of plans for the school recently was Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford, who explained that the institution will be outfitted with dormitories. These dorms, he said, will cater to children with special needs living in the hinterland, remote and riverine communities.

Access to education is a basic right and the Region 7 administration, according to Bradford, is working with the Education Ministry to advance such efforts. In this regard two new schools have been constructed this year and another three are currently under construction.

Additionally, in Waramadong, at the newly renamed D.C. Caesar Fox Secondary, a new science laboratory will be constructed for the students. This school currently houses students from several catchment areas including: Waramadong, Paruima and Kamarang.

For this year, Region 7 has a capital allocation of $448.6M, which will be used for developmental projects throughout Upper, Middle and Lower Mazaruni.



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