Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo says that his party’s next move is to seek international sanctions against the David Granger-led regime.

The opposition and other factions of society are deeming the government illegal as it has been more than three months since the passage of the no-confidence motion was deemed valid by the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Also, several international powers including the Commonwealth, European Union, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have called on the President to announce a date for elections.

America, England, and the European Union have called on President David Granger name a date for elections noting that failure to do so will jeopardize their ability to offer aid to Guyana.

Jagdeo said that he views the support of the international community as assurance that his party’s fight to ensure “constitutional compliance” is a righteous one.

The politician expressed confidence that the international community will oblige in imposing sanctions on the government, given the recent nudge to the President to announce an election date.

“The next stage we’ll move is to seek sanctions against individuals, so that they comply with the Constitution. And we will continue the protests until he names an early election date,” Jagdeo told radio personality, Stan Gouveia, during an interview on a live radio programme, “The Hot Seat”.



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