To better plan and execute its mandate, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has announced that come Monday, there will be divisional headquarters in each region and a commanding officer will be assigned to each station district.

Names of the divisions and commanders are as follow: Police Division No. 1, Senior Superintendent,  Wendell Blanhum; Police Division No. 2, Superintendent Robinson; Police Division No. 3, senior Superintendent, Lord; Police Division No. 5, Superintendent Stephens; Police Division No. 6, senior Superintendent, Brutus; Police Division No. 7; Assistant Commissioner Adonis; Police Division No. 8, Superintendent, Ashram; Police Division No. 9, Superintendent King;and Police Division No. 10 Superintendent, Winter.

Because Region four is the largest division, there will be three commanding officers. These include Assistant Commissioner, Marlon Chapman; senior superintendent Simon and Assistant Commissioner Andreis (junior).

Currently, there are seven divisional headquarters with each being managed by a commander, a second in command, divisional detective officer and an officer in charge of traffic.

The present divisions and boundaries included A (Georgetown to Soesdyke); B (Upper Corentyne River to Abary); C (Conversation Tree to Abary), D (Region Three), E (Linden, Kwakwani, Ituni, Aroaima and bura);F (interior locations) and G (Essequibo Coast).

To cater for the new divisions, $700,000,000 was allocated this year for the construction of the divisional headquarters.


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