Last night, President David Granger announced that the “earliest possible date” for elections would be March 2. The population was divided. Some accepted this as the date of the elections while others said that the President did not definitively announce a date.

This morning, on the sidelines of an event, the President clarified with the media that March 2 is indeed election day.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is not at all comforted by that clarification. He said he needs to see a signed proclamation before he is convinced that the president is not playing games.

Jagdeo said this earlier at his weekly press conference.

He said, “Given Granger’s history of flip-flopping, we do not believe this until we see a signed proclamation that this will be the date for elections. He has flip-flopped so much that we do not know if this is his definitive position.”

Earlier today, Granger explained why he was not more definitive in his address.

He said, ‘The choice of words in my broadcast was conditional. Elections will be held on the 2nd March, that was the advice I received. I did not want to use perhaps, more definitive terms because I expected that – in accordance with the constitution – we should have to go to parliament.”

The President continued, “If the opposition does not go to parliament then we would abide by what I said last night, that elections will be held on 2nd of March. That’s as definitive as I can get. So, I was quite guarded in my remarks.


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