For those who have not had the chance to lay eyes on the Liza Destiny, this Floating Production Storage and Operating (FPSO) vessel, is roughly the size of the national stadium and 25 Guyanese, out of a complement of about 70, are already being trained to work on it says head of the Energy Department, Dr. Mark Bynoe.

Liza Destiny

He made these and other remarks at the ‘Guyana’s Future in oil and gas’ forum which was hosted at the National Cultural Centre.

To the many youths who attended, the official said that Guyana is princely positioned. He noted however that they should not run away with the perception that their place in the oil sector is already set merely because they are Guyanese. Dr. Bynoe said, “…You will not get there just because you’re entitled to. You will get there based on what investments are made today for the future.”

Dr. Bynoe further stressed that excitement alone will not get anyone where we want to go. He reminded of the salient words of the Scriptures which say one must, “be prepared.”But to be prepared and benefit, the Energy Director said that certain prerequisites, both from an individual and nation-state standpoint will need to be in place.

The official said that this includes staying informed through turning one’s ears to wisdom, and applying one’s heart to understanding and critically analyzing what is presented.

Dr. Bynoe advised, “Do not confine yourself to a single source of information, but as students, as young adults, as those who are interested in the sector; seek to research as wide a field a possible. Keep yourself fully abreast of developments.”

He added, too, that training and competency building, certification, standards enhancement, and behavioural amendments, are also necessary.

The Energy Department also spoke to the need for a cultural shift through embracing love for self and country. In this regard, he said, “…Yes, we live in a society in which the perspective is often how quickly can I get rich; how much ‘Gs’ can I accumulate, but life is not just about money.  It is also about integrity and standards…We must be able to foster greater infrastructural development and have a collective vision of where we want to go as a nation.”

Once the aforementioned are met, Dr. Bynoe said that they would ultimately allow for a greater proportion of Guyanese benefitting directly and indirectly from the oil and gas sector and the revenues derived therefrom.


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