When it comes to the oil industry and contracts that are awarded therein, health and safety programmes and practices of bidders are automatic considerations. To help Guyanese businesses improve their capacity in this regard, ExxonMobil’s Centre for Local Business Development, which is located on South Road, has introduced a Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Management System Programme.

According to the Centre, the programme is intended to assist businesses in drafting HSSE management plans and build their internal systems that would eventually become the hallmark of their operations.

The agency, which is geared towards helping Guyanese get maximum access to the oil and gas supply chain, noted that the successful implementation of HSSE management systems will allow Guyanese businesses to demonstrate their commitment to safety by providing required documentation and audit-ability during tendering and procurement processes.

Guyana Standard understands that the Centre would be taking a multi-phase process for rolling out the programme. It would initially include an interactive seminar tailored for Senior Management Executives from local businesses.

The seminar is expected to cover an array of critical information including local regulations, oil companies and their international requirements for HSSE, and further explanation and analysis on HSSE management systems.

Following this would be an individual consultation process with the Centre’s international and local HSSE experts. This news agency understands that these sessions would provide an opportunity for each business to discuss the status of its HSSE initiatives and receive personalized guidance on developing same.

The Centre further noted that there are other support systems that will be included for locals in this regard such as follow up consultations after the companies would have developed and implemented their systems.


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