Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) subscribers can now enjoy faster browsing, high definition with online gaming, improved app performances and much more as the company launched its 4G/LTE mobile network last week.

The network, said to be the fastest data network in Guyana, extends from Georgetown to Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara and to Lusignan on the East Coast of Demerara. In Berbice the network extends from Rosignal to Blairmont and also covers the New Amsterdam area.

Jamal Delph, Product Development Executive at GTT said that the company is proud to launch its 4G/LTE network at a time when innovation through technological advancement is the company’s primary focus.

 “We have already started upgrading SIM cards for customers. The SIM swap is absolutely free; customers just need to walk with the necessary documents to prove ownership and get the new SIM,” Delph said.

He also indicated that the response from customers has been overwhelming. “This is the fastest data network in Guyana. Persons have been waiting to experience the 4G moment and that moment is here. We want to encourage all our customers to upgrade their SIM and benefit from the enhanced data speed. Even if you do not live in Georgetown or Berbice, you can still upgrade your SIM to take advantage of the enhanced data service when you are in an LTE coverage area.”

Additionally, Delph clarified that the customer’s mobile number will remain the same and they will not lose any information stored on their phone when the SIM is upgraded.  However, he stated that in order for the service to be effective, customers must have a mobile device that is compatible with the 4GLTE network.

“Our Service Representatives in the Stores will help you to determine if your handset is compatible.  Remember, technology is constantly evolving, and we should be all equipped with the right technology that’s ready for the future,” Delph encouraged.


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