The murder of a US-based Guyanese chef, whose nude body was found in his Lot 51 Station Street, Kitty, Georgetown apartment on September 15, last is likely to become a cold case, according to investigators.

This morning,  two police ranks indicated that their colleagues have reached a dead-end in the murder of Andre Gordon. A Post mortem examination showed that the chef was strangled. Missing jewelry and cash suggested that the killer robbed their victim.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that there is surveillance footage showing the front of the apartment where the deceased rented. It is a two-storey building. Gordon was staying in the bottom flat while the top was vacant.

According to a police source, there is footage showing an individual walking up the front door of Gordon’s apartment but that person turned back. He did not enter. Based on the footage, no one entered the front door during the time the chef was murdered.

What is strange though is that the front door was open when the police arrived. There is a back door but it was locked. The back door is not visible in any surveillance footage.

How the killer got into the apartment remains a mystery to investigators. Meanwhile, this news agency has been informed that the deceased’s body was released to his family and it was transported to the US last week for burial.

According to information received, Gordon was last seen alive two days before his body was found. When his relatives did not hear from him, they asked a friend to check on him. It was the friend who found his body on the kitchen floor and noticed the police.

There were no marks of violence on his body.


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