The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) will celebrate the 62nd Anniversary of its founding tomorrow. The party says that it is proud of its achievements.

According to party executive, Basil Williams, the PNC, seven years after its founding, entered government as a part of a coalition administration and it immediately set about to transform colonial Guyana into a modern state. The PNC, 18 months later, led Guyana to Independence on 26th May 1966 and four years later, Republican Status on 23rd February 1970.

“Among its many achievements, the PNCR is proud of its accomplishments in education while in Government. It expanded educational opportunities by constructing the University of Guyana and the Cyril Potter College of Education campuses; by building multilateral, primary, secondary and community high schools in rural and hinterland regions; by inaugurating a comprehensive programme of scholarships; by increasing the number of school places; by producing and distributing textbooks and by introducing free education from nursery to university,” Williams said.

He added that the PNCR today is conscious of the economic, social and political challenges, which still confront the nation. It, therefore, renews its commitment to continue to work towards improving access to education and towards ensuring equality of opportunity for all.

“The PNCR, on its 62nd anniversary, iterates its absolute commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity for all and to protecting citizens’ fundamental rights. The Party will continue to work towards improving its relations with trade unions and promoting inclusionary democracy in A Partnership for National Unity,” said Willimas.



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