Two Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder, Berbice residents are dead and another is hospitalized following separate incidents on Tuesday.

Dead are 29-year-old Amar Jeffrey, a farmer and Sheliza Hussein, a mother of two.

Jaffrey’s reputed wife, Sherry Satnarine is hospitalized at the Mibicuri Hospital.

Based on information received, Jeffrey and his wife were having domestic problems for some time. On Monday, the woman moved out of the house where she lived with Jeffrey and went took up residence with a male friend in the same community.

Yesterday, Jeffrey reportedly went to the house where his wife was staying and begged that she returned with him; but when she refused, he grabbed onto her and forced her to drink a liquid substance he had in a bottle.

By the time Satnarine managed to fight off her husband, he had already forced some of the liquid, believed to be poison, in her mouth. He then drank what was remaining in the bottle. The woman raised an alarm and the couple was taken to the hospital by residents.

Jeffrey died while receiving treatment. His wife remains a patient at the hospital.

In the second incident, Hussein, a mother of two reportedly drank the poisonous substance and died on her way to the Mibicuri Hospital. The reason for Hussein consuming the poison is unclear at this point.


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