“I does hustle so I mek a lil hustle with the bike, just give me a chance. She get back one of the bikes. Please for another chance.” This was the plea of 23-year-old Kurt Roberts to Senior Magistrate Leron Daly.

Roberts was today brought before the court for stealing two bicycles from a woman.

According to the charge leveled against him, on November 5, 2019, at Alberttown, Georgetown, he stole two bicycles valued $33,000, the property of Adriana Hendricks.

Based on the information, on the day in question, the woman secured her bicycles and went to bed.

However, the following morning, she observed the bicycles missing.

The matter was reported and upon viewing CCTV footage in the area, police saw Roberts removing the articles.

Further investigation was conducted and he was later arrested and charged for the offence. Roberts pleaded guilty to the simple larceny charge and was ordered to pay a fine of $40,000. Failure to pay the fine will see him spending six months in prison.


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