“I was looking for my clothes and I find the money in her purse so I tek it,” were the words of a son who admitted to stealing his mother’s money.

Twenty-four-year-old Kevin Christopher of Houston, Housing Scheme, was recently released from prison for stealing a phone, but this morning reappeared before Senior Magistrate Dylon Bess in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

He pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on November 14, 2019, at Houston, Housing Scheme, he stole $10,000 from Michelle Balkaran, his mother.

Facts presented by Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh stated that on the day in question, the woman placed her money in her purse and went at her uncle.

However, while she was returning home, she saw her son with her purse and she asked him for the money and he refused to hand her the money.

The woman then reported the matter to the station and her son was arrested, hence charged for the offence.

Magistrate Bess sentenced Christopher to six months behind bars.

The man, upon hearing his sentence, turned to his mom, and said, “you best look after my siblings because when I come out from jail I will deal with you.”


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