With Guyana priming its engines to tap into the developing oil and gas industry, it must remain cognizant of the global decarbonization push, which it is also championing. This paradoxical reality places Guyana in a unique position, which only advancement in technology can stabilize.

This was noted by the country’s Department of Energy Head, Dr. Mark Bynoe during his remarks at the second Annual Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX) 2019 being held in Georgetown, Guyana.

“Technological advancement remains one of the fundamental levers to unleash the potential of innovation to make the use of oil and gas ultra-clean and minimize emissions. As many of you can attest, innovation in this industry is a game-changer. Advanced technologies are key to resolving the paradox of providing more energy while curbing emissions,” he emphasized.

Dr. Bynoe noted that the industry is being challenged to use its technical expertise and knowledge to develop creative solutions for providing better access to energy and opportunities for renewable energy transition. As such, Dr. Bynoe said that the Summit is both appropriate and timely for Guyana, as one of the newest entries into the industry, must remain cognizant of developments occurring therein.

Dr.Bynoe added, “We all need to work together to reduce our carbon footprint, inclusive of utilizing such techniques as carbon capture, utilization and storage, minimizing methane emissions during the production process of natural gas, and following extraction methods that are environmentally sustainable, socially palatable and economically viable.”

Dr. Bynoe said that his department remains committed to promoting businesses that are aligned with Guyana’s national development strategy and aspirations and are of a strategic nature; and respectful of laws.

The official also stressed that the department will encourage increased local content and job opportunities that will allow Guyanese to participate fully, and to access good quality jobs.

His assurance, however, comes at a time when the country is yet to see a Local Content Policy.


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