Ex-cop and suspected gang leader, Teon Allen called “Spoil Child” was shot late this afternoon when he allegedly pointed a gun at police ranks.
Allen is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation while his two accomplices have been detained.
The ranks were allegedly chasing the car Allen was driving when he (Allen) allegedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a fence at Houston, East Bank Demerara (EBD).
It was at this point that Allen reportedly exited the vehicle and pointed a gun at the lawmen. He was then shot.
Based on information, police ranks received information that three men were heading to Georgetown in a car with illegal guns.
When ranks managed to catch up with the car, Allen tried to escape but crashed. All three men were eventually arrested.
Allen has several matters before the court and he is said to be in an ongoing war with members from another gang, which is being headed by a Lindener, hiding out in Cayanne.
In September last, Allen’s cousin, Eon Williams was gunned down in Linden. His girlfriend was injured. The attackers are said to be members from Allen’s rival gang.
It is suspected that Williams’ death was in retaliation to Allen allegedly shooting at the home of the Cayanne gang leader’s mother.
Less than a month after Williams was killed, three gunmen attempted to shoot Allen at the La Penitence market but one of the shooters was eventually injured when Allen returned fire.


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