Following a thrilling night of elimination matches, the likes of Sparta Boss, Bent Street, Rio All-Stars, Gold is Money, Back Circle and Leopold Street advanced to the quarter-final stage on Saturday night in the inaugural Rio Indoor Streetball Championship.

Staged in front of a large crowd at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue, the likes of Sparta Boss, Rio All-Stars, Bent Street, Leopold Street, and Rio All-Stars secured easy wins.

Newcomer Rio All-Stars mauled Tiger Bay 5-0. Doubles from Cecil Jackman in the third and 15th minute and Kelsey Benjamin in the fourth and 17th minute led the rout. Adding a goal in the 12th minute was Job Caesar.

Similarly Bent Street mauled Sophia 4-0. Pernell Schultz, Daniel Wilson, Clive Nobrega, and Adrian Aaron scored in the fourth, seventh, ninth and 14th minute apiece.

Likewise, Back Circle cruised past Broad Street 4-1. Trayon Bobb scored a hat trick in the second, fourth and eighth minute while Jermaine Beckles netted in the seventh minute.

On target for Broad Street was Brad Evans in the sixth minute. Also, Sparta Boss overcame Avocado Ballers 3-1. Eusi Phillips, Ryan Hackett and Deon Alfred scored in the second, 15th and 18th minute respectively. For Avocado, Wesley Greenidge netted in the 13th minute.

Leopold Street crushed Alexander Village 4-1. Darren Benjamin smashed two goals in the 15th and 17th minute. Assisting with goals in the fifth and 14th minute were Rafael Edwards and Dorwin George respectively.

For the loser, Shem Porter netted in the ninth minute. On the other hand, Gold is Money edged Albouystown 2-1. Josiah Charles and Randolph Wagner scored in the eighth and 24th minute respectively. For the loser, Omari James scored in the 16th minute.

In other results, BV squeaked Showstoppers 3-2. Shemar Fraser scored in the eighth and 14th minute while Jemar Harrigon netted in the 26th minute. For the loser, Stephon Jupiter scored in the fourth and ninth minute.

Also, Future Stars edged Kingston 2-1. Daniel Ross and Rondell Bowman scored in the 16th and 17th minute each.

For the loser, Simon Emmanuel netted in the 14th minute. The aforesaid winners will now advance to the quarterfinal round at the same venue on December 7th.

Quarterfinal Fixtures

Leopold St vs Gold is Money
Sparta vs BV
Bent St vs Back Circle
Future Stars vs Rio All-Stars



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