Four crab catchers who were reported missing yesterday, were rescued in neighbouring Suriname late last night and have since been reunited with their loved ones.

The men have been identified as Nelson Dejonge, 22, of Fort Ordinance Housing Scheme; Yogeshwar Mangal, 23, of Number 2 East Canje; Ramdat Goonraj, of Rose Hall Town and Anand Deoharry of Cumberland.

They were reported missing after their boat with over 4000 crabs was found abandoned in Nickerie, Suriname. Initially, it was suspected that the men were attacked by pirates in the neighbouring country.

However, police sources said that the men related that they ran out of food supplies and were forced to ditch their vessel.

Guyana Standard has been informed that the crab catchers left their homes last Sunday to travel to Suriname. This was their third trip in the past two months; they were supposed to return home on Wednesday.

By Friday, when the men failed to show up and relatives were unable to make contact with them via phones, missing persons reports were made. On Sunday morning, family members went out to look for them after they were told a boat matching the one they were on, was found abandoned.

Relatives managed to locate the boat yesterday and by last night, the missing crab catchers made contact with their families. They are now at home.


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