Earlier this year, a worker attached to the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) wrote an anonymous letter to President David Granger. The letter features a number of damning allegations, most of which were made against acting Commissioner, Newell Dennison.

The worker referred to Dennison’s appointment as a tragedy and said that this is “not just because of his known incompetence but also because of his better-known allegiance to the previous administration.”

The worker, in a three-page letter, claimed, “the acting commissioner has been able, in the past three years, to fortify certain individuals who are either known supporters of the previous administration or are willing facilitators to the irregular demands of the of the acting commissioner for fringe benefits.”

Further, the writer stated that a “major contributor to the downward spiral of this organization is the alienation of the Junior Minister (Simona Broomes) from the affairs of GGMC. Despite her solid experience in the mining industry and passion for growth and those involved in mining, this Minister is constantly misrepresented.”

After proferring several more damning allegations about various senior members of staff at GGMC, even referring to them by name, the writer said, “We, therefore, make an urgent plea for you to take a deep look into the affairs of the GGMC, and put an injunction to this downward spiral before it is too late.

The letter was CC to Minister Broomes who, at that time, served as junior Minister of Natural Resources.

Days after the letter was sent to the President, he wrote Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman noting, “The anonymous writer has alleged that the management of the Commission is corrupt and has been disrespectful to the Minister in the Ministry of Natural Resources.”

The President noted, “It is alleged further, that, the Commissioner is not suited for the post and has not been giving support to a number of important recommendations by senior staff.”

President Granger told Trotman to “examine the complaint and have an investigation conducted.”

Days after that, Minister Trotman wrote to the Chairman of GGMC Board, Stanley Ming informing him, “I have requested Mr. Derrick Lawrence, Head of the Compliance Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources, to conduct an investigation as directed by His Excellency, the President.
That letter was CC to GGMC Board Members.

Sources told Guyana Standard that the investigation, if indeed carried out, was done in a manner that was not at all conspicuous, “and we are not aware of the findings.

A few days ago, the Guyana Standard made contact with Minister Trotman who was not in a position to speak on the matter. He told this publication that he has had cause to order several investigations into several matters and simply cannot keep up given the fact that he has his hands filled with other matters of importance.
The Minister also told Guyana Standard that Lawrence is out of the country, therefore it would be difficult for him to get an update.

Since the initial letter was copied to Minister Broomes, Guyana Standard made contact with her too.

She said that the matter does not immediately ring a bell, and asked that the date of the letter be sent to her. Guyana Standard sent a photo of the letter via WhatsApp. The Minister read the messages but never responded.


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