A Facebook user, Earl Milton has alleged that a “sugar truck full of high-powered firearm and thousands of rounds of ammunition” was intercepted in Corentyne, Berbice yesterday. However, the Police Commander of that region, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus, has debunked this claim; labelling it as “completely false”.

Milton, in his post, stated that the weapons were found in a privately owned truck which normally transports sugar workers on contract with the sugar company.

“The truck was said to have been tracked from a seaside location where the weapons are believed to have been offloaded from a boat which may have originated from neighbouring Suriname. The driver of the truck and two handymen have been detained. The weapons entered Guyana illegally and are believed to have been destined for another village in the Corentyne area. The truck is known to have been used to transport political supporters of a certain political party to their meetings around the country,” the post read.

The police through its Public Relations and Press Officer, Superintendent of Police, Jairam Ramlakhan, subsequently issued a statement to the media.
It read: “Reference to the above Facebook post by one Earl Milton under the caption: Breaking News-Sugar truck full with weapons intercepted in Corentyne, please be advised that the Regional Commander of Region 6, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus has indicated that the information is completely false since he is totally unaware of any such report.”

The post has already generated much speculation among Facebook users, who are now pointing fingers and engaging in flame wars.

The Facebook user is yet to retract the post, despite being informed of its inaccuracy.


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