Any Local Content Policy that purports to be of high quality, and is for the people, has a few fundamental characteristics in common. One of them is outlining a clear pathway for developing capacity for citizens, businesses and even the Nation’s institutions. Making this known recently was Local Content Expert, Anthony Paul who has written several policies for various countries.

He was keen to note during an interview with the Guyana Standard, that it would be in the country’s interest to ensure that this characteristic is featured well in the Nation’s policy which remains stuck in the draft stage.

Expounding on the strategy, Paul said, “Guyana must ensure that its policy mandates that there be clear procurement plans in projects and operations of companies. Those things must have a capacity building aspect. Key to note as well is that there must also be support for your institutions. Local Content is not just about building people but if done the right way, it can also build institutions.”

He said, too, that a “good policy” will also outline how oil resources would be used to increase local content value in other sectors. “…The local content conversation must get to the point where you find ways of raising the standards of sectors like agriculture,” the Trinidadian expressed.

In addition to the foregoing, Paul said that there must be provisions which allow for clear access to information on the demands for goods and services in the sector. He said that this allows local businesses to plan better in their efforts to bid for oil and gas contracts.

More than two years ago, the Granger administration promised that a Local Content Policy would be in place but that is yet to be realized. The Department of Energy recently noted however that the policy would be completed by year end. The first two drafts of the document were initially done by Paul but ExxonMobil’s former client, UK Consultant, Dr. Michael Warner, was subsequently selected for its completion.


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