The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has approved water concessions for indigent homes and orphanages.

During a meeting with representatives from the organisations on Tuesday, Managing Director of GWI, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles said the institutions will enjoy a 50% rebate on every occupant’s consumption.

He explained that GWI is aware of some of the economic challenges and hardships these homes and orphanages face and following discussions with the Board of Directors and the Public Utilities Commission, GWI took this decision to cushion their operating expenses.

“This is part of the quality of life which the President speaks of”, Dr. Van West-Charles noted, adding that GWI is working to ensure potable water access is readily available to all.

The granting of the concession was a policy decision that was passed with the blessing of the Board and authorization of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and therefore, it will be valid under any new management of the utility, unless a move is made to reverse same, Dr. West-Charles noted.

Executive Director of Commercial Services and Customer Relations, Mr. Marlon Daniels, expressed his delight in the position taken by management to grant the concessions. This, he said, articulates good corporate governance on the part of GWI. “The decision to grant water supply concessions can be seen in the similar vein as that granted to pensioners and signals the commitment of GWI, as a serious stakeholder within the fabric of society”, Mr. Daniels posited.

GWI has assigned a minimum daily per capita consumption of 220 litres (0.220m3). The concession is 50% of the expected daily per capita consumption (110 litres per person per day) to all qualifying institutions. Each institution will be assessed at the applicable residential tariff. The water supply concession rate will be applied retroactively from December 1, 2019.

Mr. Daniels further explained that there are pre-conditions to qualify for the concession. These are: each organisation must be metered and their occupancy levels must be up-to-date and communicated with GWI at all times.

Based on information received from the Regions and database records, there are seventeen (17) orphanages across all Regions with a total population of four hundred and sixty-six (466) occupants. Historically, GWI has never placed such institutions in a specifically defined customer category.

Besides the orphanages, there are twenty-two (22) other indigent homes that care for the elderly. These 22 homes have a total population of six hundred and ninety-eight persons (698).


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