APNU+AFC supporters turned out in their thousands to the coalition’s campaign launch held this evening at Durban Park.
The event, which was punctuated by entertainment, saw “powerful” speeches from APNU+AFC Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates, incumbent President David Granger and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

The crowd responded favourably to both leaders and was quick to lift their hand-held party flags steadily in agreement with statements made.

Ramjattan was keen to point out that the coalition is strong and “is here to stay.”
He affirmed that “David Granger is the man to lead this country. “
Ramjattan pleaded with the audience, “Don’t stop the progress.” He said that the only way progress will continue is if the APNU+AFC is voted back into office.

Granger told those who gathered that he knows their minds are already made up to vote APNU+AFC. However, he told them that they have 60 days remaining to convince their friends, family, and spouses that APNU+AFC is the way to vote in order to “make Guyana great for all Guyanese.”

At the end of the official programme, all APNU+AFC ministers and several other executive members went on stage and danced to unity and continued success. Farmer Nappy’s remix to his hit song, “Hooking Meh” featured in that segment.


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