A 53-year-old woman was murdered early this morning by her neighbour, who accused her of sending a monkey to steal his money.

The deceased has been identified as Sharon Burnett, a shop keeper of Lot 47 Graham Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara (ECD). She was stabbed multiple times about the body and died at the scene.

The suspect has been arrested. A police source said that the investigating ranks were informed that the suspect had been out on parole for a murder committed years ago but this information has not been confirmed as yet.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that there is a stray money that would usually frequent the neighbourhood and Burnett would offer it food. Yesterday, the monkey was at the victim’s home and she fed it.

Based on information received, just before midnight last night, the suspect went over to the victim’s shop and accused her of sending the monkey into his home to steal his money. Persons, who heard the suspect’s accusation, allegedly made a mockery of him, causing him to leave.

However, the man returned to the woman’s shop early this morning and attacked her with a knife. He set her fridge alight.
The deceased’s brother, Warren Burnett told this news agency that he was sleeping when the shopkeeper’s son-in-aw called to inform him that she had been killed by the suspect who was intoxicated at the time.

“When I run outside I see a fridge she had outside was on fire and my sister was there with blood running from her stomach so like he burnt the fridge to get her to come outside the shop and then he attacked her,” Burnett said.

According to the sibling, the suspect went home after murdering his victim. He was arrested there.

“He saying that my sister minding a monkey but that monkey is not my sister monkey,” Burnett maintained.
Investigating is ongoing.


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