Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Justice (retired) Claudette Singh has reiterated her commitment to ensuring free and fair elections, which are slated to be held less than two months away.

Her reassurance comes at a time when her actions have been the subject of much discourse over the last couple of months, particularly by the Opposition party.

Justice Singh is the head of the organisation that will overlook this electoral process, which has been dubbed the “mother of all elections”. This title is attributed to the fact that oil production is already underway, and the Nation is poised to experience what some analysts and experts say will be development the country has never seen in its post-independence history.

Justice Singh told media operatives today that she will not jeopardise her integrity, noting that she is committed to ensuring that there is a free and fair process. She noted that the Commission has worked tirelessly in the lead up to Nomination Day, and will continue to work assiduously until the process concludes.

“I will not sell my integrity for all the oil in Guyana. It’s only one way I know it and that is the only way I will deliver credible elections”, Singh assured.

Today, several parties submitted their lists of nominees for the elections.


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