As the race to the March 2nd General and Regional Elections heats up, political parties will have to answer to the people for their record says Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo. In this case, he was referring to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) which is led by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

According to the Prime Minister in his recent writings, the Jagdeo-led PPP/C regime is still struggling to emerge from “its dreaded legacy of pervasive corruption, extra-judicial killings, complicity with narco-traffickers, cronyism, breaches of the constitution, etc. , which have dented the trust its own supporters have in it.”

He said that this would be in stark contrast to the APNU+AFC Party which is led by President, David Granger. He noted that the Coalition is going into the elections on a high as it has outstripped previous Administrations in promoting “fantastic first-term achievements”. The government official said that is especially so in the case of the 77 percent increase in the National minimum wage.

Nagamootoo said, “…For the PPP/C, it would be a huge effort to beat back the apathy and withdrawal of its supporters, as it would be a challenge for the Coalition to keep up the momentum of high-energy mobilization and to bring out voters.”

The days to follow he said, would be a defining period for Guyana as the democratic world is watching the holding of elections in this latest addition to the list of oil producers.

The Prime Minister added that greater responsibilities have now been placed on Madam Justice Claudette Singh, Chairwoman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), to be the midwife of clean and credible elections. “She said that she would, and all Guyanese should accept Her Honour’s solemn undertaking,” the Prime Minister concluded.


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