Why do oil prices drop or soar? What impact do the current global political events have on the prices? And what does it all mean for Guyana, one of the latest petroleum producers?

To answer these questions as well as to deepen the society’s overall understanding, the University of Guyana in collaboration with ExxonMobil’s Centre for Local Business Development will be hosting a Special Lecture on Crude Pricing tomorrow. The event will be held at UG’s the Education Lecture Theatre (ELT) from 13:00 hrs and is expected to conclude by 14: 30 hours.

The guest speaker is the renowned Mr. Robert McNally, author of Crude Volatility: The history and the future of Boom-Bust Oil Prices. This news agency understands that McNally is also the founder and president of The Rapidan Group, a leading energy consulting firm. He is also a nonresident fellow at the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy.

In addition to serving as the top International and Domestic Energy Adviser to the White House staff from 2001 to 2003, McNally has been published in Foreign Affairs (co-authored essay with Michael Levi, July/August 2011) and has been interviewed by CNN, The Economist, Fox Business, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, National Journal, Platts Energy Week TV, PBS’ Great Decisions in Foreign Policy series, Bloomberg News, Aviation Daily and other reputable programmes and journals.


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