Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has declared that he would not be attending the cocktail reception that gets underway at 18: 30 hours in honour of First Oil at the Marriott Hotel.

According to the PPP General Secretary, the event that is organized by ExxonMobil and the Government is one which represents a waste of tax dollars since the money spent for this activity would ultimately be recovered by the US Company.

The PPP General Secretary said, “There will be fireworks and cocktails. You should see the (fancy) invitation, glass, and everything. This is what the government is good at, working with the oil companies to waste our oil money before it is collected. This is a waste of our money. We have not received any money as yet and look at the big extravagance, black-tie affair, and fancy invitation and gifts, a ton of things.”

The Opposition Leader said this sort of activity is precisely what led places like Venezuela and Equatorial Guinea into economic trouble.

The official added, “…We aren’t attending. When we start collecting money then we can do fireworks and in every region. We can even have people doing individual fireworks in their yards.”


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