ExxonMobil Guyana concluded yesterday another public engagement with an ‘Energy Tunnel’ at the Giftland Mall. The event which is the first of a series planned for 2020, provides attendees with information about ‘first oil” and other aspects of the company’s operations.

According to the company, public engagement plays a critical part of its operations in Guyana. In its missive to the media moments ago, it explained that events like the Energy Tunnel and road shows are geared at providing project updates to key stakeholders such as government agencies, civil society groups and contractors as well as opportunities to engage in two-way dialogue.

Further to this, the oil giant noted that ExxonMobil also hosts open houses, and its employees regularly engage with local schools, universities and other groups and with the media.
Senior Director for Public and Government Affairs, Deedra Moe was keen to note that engagements such as the Energy Tunnel and the road show provide the opportunity for the public to ask questions and get more information on all aspects of the company’s operations. She said , “We recognize that our main activities are taking place 120 miles offshore, so we’ve decided to bring our experts (so that they can provide an) overview of our operations to the people.”

In 2019, the company staged two Energy Tunnels and road shows over a two-month period for more than 40 groups including a variety of different government agencies, the Mayor and City Council, University of Guyana, Guyana National Youth Council, Come Alive Network and National Toshaos Council.
In addition to this, ExxonMobil held more than 700 engagements in 2019, reaching more than 8000 people.


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