Change Guyana is calling for a review of security measures at all schools, following a scuffle between parents and an educator at a City school earlier this month.

This altercation is the second one in recent time, and the party noted that this cannot continue to occur.

“This cannot be tolerated and there must be adequate security and protection systems in place for teachers and students. Our educators are already plagued by low salaries, high taxes, poor working conditions, inadequate resources, indiscipline children and now are under daily threat by irate parents reverting to violence,” the party said.

The party said that it stands with Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) in condemning this “lawlessness” and demands for stronger penalties against the parents and/or anyone else that engages in this destructive behavior.

“We call on the review of security measures at all schools as well as the safety of school facilities for both students and teachers,” the party said.

Change Guyana noted that the children are the future leaders of Guyana, and such actions must be curtailed so as to ensure that there is no passing on of violence.

“Guyana has slowly drifted away from the morals and norms that our forefathers have prided themselves on. Should we continue along this path, our children, that are meant to be the future leaders of this nation, will perpetuate these ludicrous acts that are seen and condoned within the current school system.”



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