24-year-old Himchand Kenswim called ‘Popcorn’ was yesterday sentenced to time served after he pleaded guilty to a charge of causing grievous bodily harm. Kenswim was initially indicted for attempted murder committed on Trevor Spencer. The charge stated that on April 14th, 2017, at D’Urban Backlands, with the intent to murder, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Spencer.

The offence to which Kenswim pleaded guilty attracts a jail sentence of 18 months. However, Kenswim who was only charged in 2018 for the offence, spent 19 months on remand pending trial. Justice Sandil Kissoon, having considered this, sentenced the man to time served. It was previously reported that Kenswim and the victim were involved in a heated argument after the victim asked him to remove from a stairway.

However, Kenswim refused and as a result, the victim journeyed to the police station to file a complaint. While making his way back, Spencer was confronted by Kenswim who dealt him several lashes to his head. Following the incident, Kenswim fled the jurisdiction and was only captured in June 2018.

During a preliminary inquiry, Kenswim had claimed self defence. He claimed that he only hit Spencer because the man had slapped him. At his first court appearance Kenswim was remanded to prison by a magistrate. He was subsequently granted bail, however, it was revoked shortly after he hurled a chair at the presiding magistrate.


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